I am a RN and after years of lifting patients I finally blew out my back. I tried steroid injections which gave me some relief, but not much. My left leg felt like it was on fire and my foot was numb.  I started therapy at Lighthouse Health and at this point the sensation in my foot has improved about 70%. I still have some numbness and neuropathy, but with each session I can feel improvement. I am able to walk confidently and am back to skate skiing. I am a very satisfied customer.

I was introduced to light therapy by a friend with Parkinson’s disease. I drove her to her sessions and was amazed by the improvement in her balance. She also spoke to myriad other benefits so I decided to take my free session. I was surprised by the nearly immediate benefits and have been benefitting from the cumulative effects for over a year now. I had no idea that I had inflammation or even what it was, but I know now that its a thing of the past. The tightness in my knees when I get out bed in the morning is gone. My head feels clearer with better focus and brighter mood. I have more stamina to stay on task and complete my projects. After multiple sessions I noticed I no longer need my readers to read the screen in the pod.   I look forward to my pod sessions and the positive energy they bring me.