6 Pack

  • 6 sessions in Regen Pod Q8®
  • Use within a 2 week span
  • Only Available to New Customers

Premier Member

$195  / Month
  • Unlimited Sessions
  • 24/7 Access to Facilities
  • Free Hydro Massage Use
  • 50% off Laser Sessions


$75 /Session
  • Targeting Deeper Tissue
  • 10-15 Minute Sessions
  • 50% off Premier Members


Like Anything, frequency of use is different for each individual. For first time users we recommend 3 times a week on average. For those who have more serious and urgent health issues, once a day will provide the maximum benefit.

You should refer to our Blog & Research Page. Here we have highlighted blog posts as well as one of the largest data bases for studies in relation to all things PBMT. 

PBMT is FDA registered as an inflammation control device so this will be the primary benefit received. That being said, shorter recovery times, reduction in pain, increases in energy, and improved sleep are some of the main benefits you should expect to see. 

There are short and long term results we achieve when using the ReGen Pod. Following your appointment it is common to receive a boost in energy and mood, this can be as immediate as 5 minutes after your treatment. Longer term results like pain reduction and inflammation control are most often achieved after using the device 3-6 times.  

Our Blog & Research section of our site as well as online videos can be great sources of information when learning about Photobiomodulation. We are also more than happy to speak over the phone and in person about any questions you may have regarding PBMT.

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