Spinal Decompression

“Who Else Wants to End Their Serious Back or Neck Pain Without Having to Take Out a Second Mortgage on Their Home in Order to Pay for the Treatment!?”

From: Dr. Chad Goodman, DC 
Wednesday, 4:35 p.m.

Dear Back or Neck Pain Suffer,

Dr.-patient-is-150x150 f you’ve been suffering from chronic pain in your lower back, legs or neck and shoulders, you know how frustrating it can be to get the help you need to end your pain and suffering.

But there’s good news! Help is available to you!

At Lighthouse Pain Relief Clinic, most patients have already seen several doctors and specialists, tried bed rest, a variety of strong drugs, chiropractic, physical therapy and many, sad to say, surgery. They come to us because they are still in pain!

Many patients are told that their only alternative is surgery. But they have done their homework and they’re not only worried about the odds that they’ll still be in pain after the surgery, they’re also worried about the expenses associated with surgery!

These patients realize that even if they have insurance, their out-of-pocket expenses can be up to $16,000 or more!

The good news is that there is a great alternative to back surgery-it is Spinal Decompression-and You Can Experience it For FREE!!

There is a lot of excitement among patients, their families and physicians because of the great results people are getting with Spinal Decompression. This is such good news for those who suffer with pain.

But the Good News Sometimes Turns Bad!

Patients get excited to learn about this breakthrough medical technology that can give them relief from their pain they’ve suffered with – until they visit a clinic where Spinal Decompression is performed–only to find out that their cost for this fantastic treatment will be between $4,000 to $15,000!

Believe it or not, people pay this every day! You are probably asking, “Why would somebody pay $4,000 to $15,000 to get relief from serious back or neck pain or pain from  herniated, bulging or slipped discs?”

Well, some justify that paying that much money would still be cheaper than having surgery. That is true, but the real answer is this…

Those people that paid $4,000 to $15,000 didn’t know that the same new technology-Spinal Decompression-is available for a price people can afford in a relaxing, professional atmosphere at Lighthouse Pain Relief Clinic.

We’re so sure we can help you with your pain with affordable solutions that we have a special offer for those who suffer with serious back and neck pain and pain related to a herniated or bulging disc.

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To take advantage of this offer sign up here and this free certificate will be emailed to you. Then call our office at (801) 265-3400 and mention that you have this FREE internet coupon good for a Free Spinal Decompression Therapy Treatment and a Free Pain Relieving Massage. You’ll be on your way to getting the pain relief you need!

But don’t just take our word for it. Check out what other patients are saying about Spinal Decompression Therapy Treatment:

“My friends laughed when I told them I drive 115 miles to Lighthouse Pain Relief Clinic, but when the pain from my five herniated discs was gone, they wanted to know more.”

“I had herniated discs and pain in my back, neck and shoulders……Well, the program works! The service and concern for your well being are wonderful. The optimistic attitude is very contagious.” V.J.


“Before Lighthouse, I was considering applying for disability because the pain was becoming unbearable”

“I came to Lighthouse because of the constant pain in my neck, right shoulder, back—overall my entire body hurt.”

As a result of the chronic pain, I was not getting quality sleep at all. It was everything I could do to get to work; and after 8 to 10 hours at work, I had no energy to cook, eat and try to sleep. I would wake up 4 to 5 times a night because my body hurt and I had to move.”

“As a result of this program, I feel energetic and rested and the next 10 years don’t seem insurmountable. It really works!”

“Now I can function again and look towards retirement which is great because I love my job! Who doesn’t want to enjoy their day as opposed to surviving their day?” K.K.

“I could only walk my dog for 15 minutes because of the pain! After the third week of Spinal Decompression treatment, I could walk my dog with no pain!”

“Also every time before I went golfing, I had to take Ibuprofen. Then every three holes I had to take more. The longest I could go was 9 holes. I can now golf 36 holes with no pain pills at all.”

“I drive from Orem to Salt Lake to get here, but with these kinds of results, I’d be willing to drive six hours to get here.” M.C.

“Before starting treatments I could not live with the pain and limited activity. I wanted a better life. I had to be very careful about movements and picking up things. My activities were seriously limited. One doctor told me my spine was so bad he would not even consider me for an operation. So I stayed on pain medications and muscle relaxants.”

“I was very fortunate that I was considered a good candidate for Spinal Decompression Treatments.”

“It was amazing! I had no more pain after the first two treatments and have not taken any pain medications since then. I am more physically able to do the activities I enjoy.”

“I recently went for a check up at my medical doctor’s office. The nurse notice right away how much better I was able to get out of the chair and walk through the office. She was so impressed with how well I was moving that she asked what I had done to get better. I talked to her about Spinal Decompression. She got the phone number from me and said she was going to call about some back trouble she was having. I highly recommend Spinal Decompression!” M.R.

“Prior to undergoing Spinal Decompression, my condition was really limiting my life activities. I’m a very active person and my recreational activities and wellness had become substantially limited.”

“At its worst, the pain altered my life activities dramatically. The pain was definitely getting worse. The doctors I had seen could not give me a prognosis so I was taking drugs most of the time. I learned through a marketing ad about Spinal Decompression. I was very interested if it could help me.”

“The office was very professional, pleasant, and I felt like the doctor and staff took a personal interest in my healing. The treatment was excellent and it truly took care of my needs.” M. E.


Click Here To Try Spinal Decompression For Free!

Come experience this new medical technology for free! See for yourself how people are finally getting rid of their pain, without having to take out a second mortgage on their home!

You are probably wondering how much treatment will cost at Lighthouse Pain Relief Clinic. That’s a fair question. To begin with, when you sign up here and get an internet coupon, your first visit will be free. It will include a free Spinal Decompression Therapy Treatment, an exam, and a consultation with the doctor. It will also include a free pain relieving massage.

You will not be under any obligation to start treatment after this initial visit. We are just so excited about what we have to offer that we know if you can experience it, you’ll see just how we can help you with your pain.

If it is determined that you are in fact a candidate for Spinal Decompression Therapy, the doctor will decide just how much treatment you need. But just know this, at Lighthouse Pain Relief Clinic, even the most intense program we offer for Spinal Decompression Therapy could cost you as little at $89 per month!

You won’t find a combination of a better service with a better price anywhere!

The next move is up to you. This is as risk free as an offer can come. If you are reading this, you’re seriously interested in getting rid of your pain. All that’s left to do now is to take action.

So in case you haven’t already signed up, here’s the offer once again:

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Sign up here, and then call our office and soon you’ll be experiencing first-hand the great benefit of Spinal Decompression Therapy – for FREE!

You’ll be so glad you did!

I look forward to meeting you soon!


Dr. Chad Goodman, DC

P.S. I have been using some form of Spinal Decompression with patients for years. I’ve always had great success using Spinal Decompression. However, before this new and improved Spinal Decompression Therapy was available, there were some patients that I simply had to refer out for surgery. With this new Spinal Decompression Therapy, those patients, that I would have had to refer out before, can now be treated in our office!